Where in Italy


Florence is universally recognized as one of the most significant cultural capitals in the world for its extraordinary artistic and architectural heritage. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Florence is famous for being the birthplace of the Renaissance, and is home to some of most visited museums in Italy such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, this town is a pearl in the heart of Italy, whose quality of life is among the highest in the country. The English- speaking community of Florence is also one of the largest in Italy in relation to the number of inhabitants.

Investing in beautiful Florence not only gives you a guaranteed income and a secure asset but also the chance to own a small piece of Italian art history.

Where in Italy


Milan is one of the most dynamic cities in Italy, with futuristic high-rise buildings designed by world-famous architects dominating its cutting-edge skyline. But also, of course, the city is widely recognized as a global centre of finance and industrial production. Milan is undoubtedly the business heart of Italy. The Italian stock exchange is based in the city, and its hinterland is home to a wide range of national and international companies.

Milan’s intrinsic value has not gone unnoticed by national and international investors. With its high quality of life, people-oriented Milan attracts more investment in Europe than other popular cities such as London or Munich. Although it’s not easy to find a bargain property in this town, it’s equally true that a property in Milan will provide a guaranteed income as well as an asset that increases its value year on year.


With a history that stretches back thousands of years, it’s no accident that Rome is known as the Eternal City. Walking across the centre is a bit like going back into the past: one minute you could find yourself standing in front of a 2000-year-old temple, the next a beautiful Baroque palace; or wandering through the city’s many evocative piazzas.The culture that emerged at the time of the Roman empire has surely contributed in shaping what we nowadays call European civilization. Because of its geographical position, Rome has always been a major meeting place of East and West, and consequently a very important political centre.

Every year, Italy’s capital city hosts millions of visitors, with sub-letting businesses like Airbnb or Booking.com flourishing over the past few years. As well as being an important touristic centre, it is also home to many important international organizations. Investing in Rome, especially not far from the centre, could potentially provide a very lucrative business opportunity.


Venice is unique in the world, a dream city constructed more than 600 years ago over several islands and interconnected through hundreds of bridges. The romantic city par excellence, with stunning views, secret corners and hidden architectural gems, Venice is visited every year by about 30 million tourists. And yet, it is at heart a town with only fifty thousand inhabitants – as big as a simple neighbourhood in any other big city.

Unlike other cities, Venice cannot be further developed. And the fact that the space to build new constructions is very limited has made Venice even more attractive to investors looking for high returns. With competition for the best spots still very high, property prices have remained quite stable even during periods of financial crisis.

The provinces

But for those who have ever spent more than a week visiting Italy, it’s the provincial countryside that is the most fascinating part of the country: the varied landscapes, the proximity of the sea and mountains wherever you are, the beautiful beaches of the south, the majestic Alps to the north, the breathtaking views, the exquisite regional cuisine, picturesque villages and small towns spread throughout the country.

Also of great interest to investors in Italian property are provincial towns like Siena, whose unaltered beauty lingers through centuries; Palermo with its exuberant Baroque architecture; Lecce with its stunning coloured stone. Or perhaps you will be enticed by the nightlife of Rimini, the famous villas of Verona, Turin surrounded by its history and nature, or the enchanting beauty of coastal towns such as le Cinque Terre, Riccione, Amalfi, Cefalu and Gallipoli.

Wherever you decide to invest, a property in the countryside can also be an appropriate choice for those who are looking for terrific locations at a reasonable price.